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    "Flex in a Week" Training


      So I'm new to Flash (Pro, Builder, Flex, AS 3, etc) and I have the new line of CC software.


      I'm doing some self training and found this resource to do so




      However, it's sorta outdated.  I'm assuming because Adobe handed Flex over to Apache?


      Anyway, I'm still going through it and adapting to what I can, still useful.  But alot of it is based off of Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Player 10 and Flash Builder 4.X (earlier than 4.7).  The main problem is there is no longer a design view in builder and this tutorial is using design view alot in it's training.


      So my question...  Will Adobe be updating this at some point, or is it just gunna stay as is?  And if it's not going to be updated, is the another comparable and comprensive training like this available somewhere else on the web that I can't seem to find?