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    Multiple Adobe Flash Active X installs


      I have multiple adobe flash active X installs listed in my control panel and was curious what the correct size should be. I have both a 6.0MB and a 16.3MB file size. The name and version are all the same. version 11.8.800.94. I'm using windows 7 64 bit processor, and am on IE9. I use SCCM 2012 to deploy my updates. Also curious if it matters if I deploy the .exe or .msi flash update when I install?





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          Mike M Level 6

          .exe or .msi is a personal preference only. They both have the same end result - Flash Player installed.

          As far as multiple plugin installs is concerned: if you ONLY use IE, then you only need the ActiveX plugin. If you use another browser also, then you need both the ActiveX and non ActiveX plugins. At any rate, ALL plugin versions should be the same and should be the latest (11.8.800.94). All others can be safely removed.