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    AECS6: Canon XF305 .MXF (XDCAM HD422) and SONY PMW 350K .MP4 (XDCAM EX 35) footage issues.




      I am working with footage from a Canon XF305 and SONY PMW 350K in After effects CS6 and i am running into a Giant problem, that i don't recall having when i was running CS5.5.


      This issue is very intermittent


      What happens is that when i scrub the timeline with footage from either camera onit, it somtimes crashes AE with the diaglog box pop-up that when clicked on AE closes completely. This is effecting the speed at which i can work drasticly. I must point out that it seems to only be footage with XDCAM, since footage from DSLRs works without an isssues.


      Windows Vista

      Intel I7

      8GB Ram

      Adobe CS6 (Cloud)


      On an other note, the footage works perfectly well in Premiere Pro CS6.


      Any help will be welcomed.