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    psf (ProRes 422 HQ) import/interpret in Premiere CS6




      I recorded with an AJA KiPro Mini through a Sony FS-100 over HDMI.

      It didn't work out the way I wanted, because the KiPro wasn't set to work with the FS-100 in a way.

      So I recorded Quicktime-files in ProRes 422 (HQ) with Progressive Segmented Frames (because that was the only setup that worked).


      The problem is now that Adobe Premiere CS6 doesn't seem to interpret the footage the way it should: it looks interlaced.

      As far as I know all "Interpret Footage" options look the way they should:

      "Field order | Use Field Order from File: No Fields (Progressive Scan)"

      And whatever I change at "Conform to" - it doesn't help.


      So I wonder if Premiere cannot handle psf-Import?

      Only found people who wanted to export psf-files but not import them.

      Does anyone have a clue?


      Thanks alot,





      btw: Allan Tépper wrote some nice instructions/informations to handle psf-files but unfortunately it didn't work in my case. And the software (ClipWrap) he suggests doesn't work with mov-files.

      http://provideocoalition.com/atepper/story/psf8217s_missing_workflow_em_part_1_benign_psf_ versus_malignant_psf/