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    Flash Builder not starting


      2nd time within a week.


      Had a Windows update last Friday, which caused FB to not start.  I had to uninstall, and re-install.  Which messed up all the project I had in place known to FB.


      Last night had to force a restart, and new project was in an anomaly cause It wasn't creating AIR, but was trying to launch an HTML in Browswer.  When Windows came back, kept getting script error 1 on the bad project folder.   Deleted it, so I can reset my preferences to AIR projects.   But now when FB starts, it opens completely, and a few seconds later goes down.


      Maybe a setup file that needs to be deleted, or modified ?  Honestly should not need to reinstall a 3rd time, that's not a sign of a good product when it keeps going into states like these, and we have no way to know what's wrong.   Error messages would be nice, with a little guidance.

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          JeanClaude68 Level 1

          Found on web, that renaming directory .metadata fixed some case, and that worked.  But have to bring back all my projects to the app.  Still faster than uninstalling and install back.  Seems that a file gets corrupt, and causes this.


          Adobe should let us know of which files could cause this, so we could just delete, remove these specific files.  So our environment doesn't have to be intialized all over again.