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    AE CC Rendering slows down as it progresses through the queue.


      Yesterday I moved to a new machine and downloaded the lastest CC installs.

      Machine is an i7 4770, 16gb ram and a GeForce GTX 770 - sadly not solid state drives but that's not the issue here...

      I'm running Windows 7 64bit.


      I've setup my memory usage and multi cpu settings (4 cpus at 2gb and 5gb for other applications) as well as a few other tweaks:

      - Unlocking the depreciated export file formats (for WMV and H264 support)

      - Adding my GeForce 770 to the raytracer_supported_cards.txt file

      - Removing the latest Windows Security Update to be able to decode WMV (v9) files correctly.


      My problem is that when I queue up multiple instances of the same comp (or any comp for that matter), in the same output format (in this case H.264/AAC), the first render is brilliantly quick, but as it goes through the other items in the queue it gradually gets slower.


      See the render times here:


      Compare this to my colleagues results in After Effects CC (he upgraded this morning):


      I observed the second and third renders on my colleagues machine and based on the speed of the render I can only assume it's assembling cached frames whereas mine seems to be encoding the frames again. I also noticed that my CPU usage was dropping and the memory usage was maxing out in Task Manager.


      I have checked Cache settings and all seems correct - I'm a little stumped this was not an issue for me with AE CS6 on my previous machine (i7 950, Radeon 8850HD, 12gb ram).


      Does anyone have any ideas?

      This is cripplingly slow when rendering out large files, I queued up seven files last night, I'd have expected them to take about 30 minutes each. Instead the 5th file was still rendering this morning and the 4th file had taken over 5 hours!


      Thanks - Luke