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    AE saying folder doesn't have enough space for cache even though it does

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      I recently purchased a LaCie external SSD solely for the purpose of storing my After Effects disk cache. The SSD connects to my MacBook Pro via Thunderbolt.


      When I check the info on the SSD, it says it has 254 GB available, so I set the maximum disk cache size in AE to 200 GB, and created a folder on the SSD for the cache. Then I pointed to that folder in AE as the specified disk cache folder.


      When I relaunch AE, though, it tells me I don't have enough space in my disk cache folder to accomodate the 200 GB max I set, even though I have 254 GB free on the SSD when I check.


      Does this have to do with me creating an empty folder on the SSD to house the cache? Do I have to just use the root folder of the SSD to make use of all the available space?


      EDIT: I just found out AE doesn't even let you use the root of a drive as the cache folder, so that can't be the problem...


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