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    Overlaying two videos (no green screen)


      I would like to take two videos


      The first video is me walkign on grass.  The grass is removed and I overlay a separate video of water to make it semi-convincing that I'm walking on water.  I can add water sound effects and ideally splashes later, but im tasked with getting this done tonight.  Is this something I can accomplish with premiere elements 7 and if so, what features would i use?




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          How strict are you on the terminology "no green screen".


          How solid a green is the grass in your first video? Depending on the answer, I would use Effects/Video Effects/Keying/Chroma Key to convert the green area into one of transparency. That video goes of Video 2.


          On Video 1 goes the clip with the water, adjusted in such a way that the water is seen in the areas of transparency in the Video 2 content.


          Does that help at all? If not, I will think about this some more.


          If that is not what you want, would it help to post jpg screenshots of "sample for grass video" and "sample water video"? Depending on the circumstances, we might even consider one of the Garbage Mattes for creating the transparency to create this effect.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You could also use the Garbage Matte or even the Crop tool to hide certain areas of your overlayed video.