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    Program monitor does not show anything


      I just got CC and started editing a project I had originally started on a different computer in CS6 trial.


      Opened the project, it converted into CC format, located files and everything. When I preview it, the program monitor shows black, but audio plays. I tried with a fresh project and added some titles, and still nothing in the program monitor. When I exported the media, it showed up correctly, but the previews were black.


      Any idea how I could fix this problem? After Effects shows previews just fine, QuickTime seems to be working without problem, and I am kinda lost.


      EDIT: Checked the Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files folder: there's a folder called Untitled.PRV (my project is Untitled) which is empty. Shouldn't there be something in there?


      Running on a fresh computer, 8 GB RAM, i7-3630QM 2.4 GHz processor, 2x GeForce GT650M, etc. I don't think the specs are causing this.