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    Use speed to control blur?

      Sorry if this has come up but I couldn't find much in the search. I want to be able to have the speed of an object control it's own blur property. Which begs is there a way to get the speed an object that has been animated on the timeline? I doubt it, which means it must be calculated manually? Is there an easy way for this?

      Thanks in advance
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          clbeech Level 3
          well, you could take the number of frames of the animation and divide the total pixel movement by that, but if you have easing it would be more complex, and if you change speeds at different times, that would get brain-bending.

          So maybe the thing to do is track the current position of the object, and then in the next tracking-loop iteration, find the distance between the previous and current points, this would give you the objects pixel 'speed'. You could then use that number to set up a new blur filter array object and apply it to the object's filter property, that should work.