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    Thumbnail issue in CC

    AnticipateMedia Level 1

      Hey all,


      I filed a bug report on this, but I'm seeing a new issue in CC that I have not seen in CS6 for a long time (I saw it there too but a long time ago; CS6 doesn't show the same problem even on the same media).


      If I go to the media browser, to look at a list of files (media) in icon view, and I have a full screen with small icons, some of them will never load thumbnails. If I import the video into the project, the thumbnails always look fine. If I just preview the media in the media browser, and I don't use a very large icon size, most of the time not all the thumbnails will show up (they will state "Processing")


      I have a top of the line late 2012 iMac 27" with 680MX GPU, 32GB RAM, SSD, 3.4 quad i7, and the media drive is a 6 drive Pegasus Thunderbolt array. The media can be anything - Canon XF, still JPGs, sound, AVCHD, it doesn't matter. If the icon size is small and the media browser window, not all thumbnails will load.


      I am running PPro CC 7.0.1.


      Any ideas?