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    Poor quality when printing from InDesign or Acrobat but not Photoshop.

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              Ok, so here's the situation: I'm using CS5.5 Design Premium, printing to a Xerox 700 Digital Press. I've been having a problem printing customer supplied artwork from InDesign. When we receive a PDF from a customer, it's often 1up, and is placed into InDesign to produce multiple-up finished pieces. If I open in that PDF in Photoshop and print from there, it's perfect. As soon as I place the PDF into Indesign, the prints come out with banding in any spots where there are screens or gradients. If printed from Acrobat, it's usually crappy also. I have tried every conceivable color management setting that I can find. I have tried saving the supplied PDF as different file types before placing into InDesign. It wouldn't make sense that it's a setting on the printer itself, because it prints fine from Photoshop with the same printer settings (though I have tried switching these up as well). I have also tried to export from InDesign as a PDF, JPG, and EPS, and then tried to print those files from Acrobat and/or Photoshop, with the same crummy results. What this tells me, is that the problem lies somewhere within InDesign and Acrobat, I just have NO IDEA where! Any insight would be appreciated.