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    Photoshop CC transparency issues with gradients


      I found an issue with how Photoshop CC is dealing with gradients and other soft edge transitions on a transparent background with Adobe RGB.


      I made a new document, 2"x2" at 300 ppi and Adobe RGB, added a new layer, used a black to transparent gradient across the document, and made sure the background layer was turned off.


      In CS6 I get a nice smooth transition, but in CC there is an abrupt and ugly transition. If I turn a white background layer on gradient looks nearly identical other than CC showing slightly worse banding. Changing the color mode to CMYK produces a smooth gradient on both. Soft brushes produce the same effect. I noticed it when using a soft brush on a mask.


      All settings are the same and I have checked the results on two co-worker computers (all 3 are Mac Pros) with the same outcome.


      has anybody else experienced this? Known Bug? Fix?


      CC is on left CS6 on right