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    Playing 2 Consecutive Movies Seemlessly

      Okay. Probably a stupid question, but I have a quicktime movie that I play until a button is pressed using the library. When it is pressed, it is supposed to continue along the timeline and play the next movie and so on. There are no extra frames between the end of the first movie and the begining of the second however, the screen "flicks" before begining the next frame and the movie.

      Jow is this corrected?

      Thanks in advance!
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          This "flick" is probably the QT player instantiating in the new frame. There are several ways that you can solve this. One is to place the QT sprite off the visible area of the stage for at least one frame and then move it on to the position where you want it play. You can also start the movie behind another sprite with the QT member's directToStage property set to false, then change the directToStage property to true to have the sprite show through the other sprite.
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            OgreOne Level 1
            Actually, all I had to do was to place a background or a screenshot of the 1st frame underneath it and run it for the entire length. Works great! The other worked too, so I guess it's a matter of preference :) Thanks!