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    Can't export MXF and preserve metadata

    benwinter Level 2

      I want to take a file from the bin, export from MXF to QT, and preserve the  metadata. Oddly, there seems to be no workflow in Adobe capable of doing this.


      I can't import the MXF straight into AME, because it's from the C300 which splits up the clips into 2 GB chunks, which only Premiere Pro seems capable of rejoining.


      I can't send the MXF straight to AME from the Premiere Pro bin, which would be a nice functionality, but sadly, it seems I have to send it from a sequence, but...


      I can't send the MXF to AME from a sequence, because then all the metadata from the clip is lost.


      I can't modify the metadata in the export dialog, because timecode box is greyed out and zeroed...

      Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 1.46.49 PM.png


      Any suggestions?