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    Latest version doesn't install properly in Imac and Macbook Air 10.6.8


      Flash Player is not working proprly on my Imac nor on my MBA, after installing and reinstalling latest version of FP many, TOO MANY times for the past week.


      On most of youtube videos, but not all (i.e. "Dumb ways to die" works!) I get a message that says I need to install the new Flash player. When I go to the link provided, or directly to the Adobe web site, and install the Flash player, I continue to get the message telling me I need a new flash player.


      I'm using Safari 5.1.9 and my OS is 10.6.8. Javascript is allowed under the security tab.


      When I run the Adobe help for Flash, I get a blank box where I should see my version of flash and my operating system. 


      I also get the same error in other websites like Google maps, when I try to do a "street view" for example, and TV on demand.


      Please Help! Should I revert to installing an older version? I wasn't having this problem until I updated to FP 11.8...