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    Implementation of DragManager in extended Panel class

    Santanu Karar Level 1

      I'm facing a problem during implementation of DragManager in extended Panel class. I've a component which is extending the Panel class where I've attached four Images with their corresponding dragging features.
      Say, the four images' x positions as these: x1 = 10, x2 = 20, x3 = 30, x4 = 40. After adding the DragManger class and implementation of dragging feature to those Images, the dragging is works fine. But, the problem is, when I'm dragging x1 image, the imageProxy associated to x1 starts showing from exactly the x1 position, but also all the three images' (x2, x3, x4) imageProxy starts dragging from x1 position only! When the expected result is, the x2 imageProxy shud starts drag from x2 x position itself, and for other x3 imageProxy from x3 position and x4 is their also.
      Except the x1 image, all the other three's imageProxy are not starts from their respective image x position.

      Anyone can give any idea.. how to overcome this?