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    Slow Saving Times in After Effects CC

    Andrew Teravskis

      Hi all,


      I'm experiencing some really slow project saving times in After Effects CC.  I'm used to having projects save in under two seconds in AE CS4, but AE CC is taking up to ten minutes to save a project of comparable size and complexity!


      After reading a few threads about this potentially being caused by big project files and/or Warp Stabilizer, I thought I would just have to live with the long save times.  But, I have since started another project that isn't using Warpy, and the saving time is no better - possibly even worse.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      My computer specs:


      Windows 7 64bit

      Intel Core2Duo @ 2.5GHz

      4GB RAM (AE uses 2.5-3GBs)

      GeForce 8600M GS



      Project specs (with Warpy):  4-6 main comps and around 25-30 precomps, 1080p, Warpy is used on maybe 5 short layers.  Project file is 21 MBs.

      Project specs (without Warpy):  Around 10-15 main comps, and 5-10 precomps.  Various comp definitions, ranging from 500x500 to 5100x3300.  Project file is 3MBs.