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    Trial/Product Switchover - everything stays in place?


      Hopefully this has a very simple answer (the answer being yes) but I just wanted to make sure.


      If I'm working on a project on Premiere Pro CC as part of the trial, will it automatically stay in place on my computer until I purchase the actual product?


      I think there may be a time lapse between my trial running out, and me buying the Premiere package, so in this instance, would the project (and attached footage, etc) become frozen/inaccessable on my computer, until I buy the programme, at which point I can carry on from where I left off?


      I'd just hate to have the trial run out, then buy the package two weeks later only to find that the programme has reset and my project has been lost!!


      Thanks in advance for any answers


      (actually, as a PS, if the projects from the trial periods do disappear, any advice on how I might salvage them beforehand?)