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    Reader within Firefox 2x hides base of view behind Windows taskbar?


      I currently use Firefox 22, but have had this issue since v21. This computer came with Windows 7 Home Premium in an OEM version associated with the system's vendor, CompaQ / H-P.


      I have FF set to handle PDF files from external URLs using Adobe Reader XI within Firefox.


      Whenever it opens a URL for a PDF, the bottom end of the vertical scroll bar, and the part of the page view near it, are hidden under the Windows 7 taskbar. (note the lower-right corner of the image following)




      The hidden-stuff issue can be temporarily fixed by enabling / disabling at least one of the Firefox toolbars, but that would have to be done every ____ time a PDF-file URL is opened.


      The only other alternative offered to me so far is using FF's intrinsic PDF.js feature (Preview in Firefox), which makes for a far, far fuzzier view of the PDF file than the Reader-in-FF option. I do NOT want to use Reader (or some alternative thereto) in an external window, as it makes for a longer loading time for the PDF, something which takes even longer using PDF.js / Preview.


      It'd be much easier to solve this once I know the real origin of the problem. Is it Reader, Windows, or Firefox?