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    CF 10 in Win 7 dont load resources


      Can´t believe it!!!



      I have two laps one Mac runnig CF10 dvlp ed. the other one its the same in Win7.

      So, I started a prj in Mac and run it, so far so good (css loaded, png loaded, jQuery start dvlp)

      even FireB data loaded. Then copy import the prj in Win 7 to work in home and...

      Surprise Apache Tomcat resources not found... How is this POSSIBLE!!!



      I start with CF 9 in ISS (make to do the right things run its a nail in the mouth but it worth it)

      then CF10 appears and I said

      "This is really a love at first sight"

      But NOW! its really dissapointing. How fix this? I have readed all I find about it but

      finally I cant believe it...



      Its not hardware issue, both CF10 are up to date (17/07/2013) so I´m little tired

      of the struggle with CF and Windows...

      I just want to know how is this possible...

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          Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee



          Thank you for your post. Can you give us some more information about our CF10 installation on the Windows server. Also, can explain the CF10 setup on Windows machine (Web Server info).



          Anit Kumar

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            MaskedVII Level 1

            Thanks Anit for asking



            First Im not a dedicated SST programer, Im a infograph and not a newbie (c,c++, python, etc) So, I now what Im doing but not a "expert" in SST dvlp. I work in Cf with instances (learn that in the hard way in Cf9) Also I have a crash disk with Win 7 so all Cf10 its fresh and updated, each instance has the default settings running in the Apache Tomcat, ISS its nothing to do with Cf10 Right?...(I dont want to struggle with ISAPI, pool apps 32/64 bits, etc)



















            Each one have the prj in the root of the instance.




            That was learned from Cf9, in this way I have no trouble finding files (Mac cf10 its the same) or need to server/maps,

            copy EAR/WAR, etc. Reserching the PDF files of the settings of each instance mac/win the only diff its in the debugging/loggin variables



            Application No

            CGI Yes

            Client Yes

            Cookie Yes

            Form Yes

            Request No

            Server No

            Session Yes

            URL Yes



            I switch them and its the same, but I pretty sure this doesnt nothing to do with my statement, debbugin settings



            Display format classic.cfm

            Execution times Yes

            Execution time format summary

            Execution time highlight threshold 250 ms

            Database activity Yes

            Exception information Yes

            Tracing information Yes

            Timer Information No

            Variables Yes



            I start using CFbuilder 2.0.1 trial ed. in both mac/Win. The only I have in mind its:



            I need to remove a c++ runtime older, Apache need something like that?

            I install CUDA 5 and start running in VisualS*** and have problems with memalloc from host/device that's why the crash disk...

            JEE7 running with NetB*** but in Cf10 the version its JVM Details/Java Version 1.6.0_29

            All its running without issues, win7 espec.



            Win7 Enterprise 64 bits

            Gateway p6801mFX1

            intel core 2 duo

            4 gb Ram



            But my question its the same... and I dont want to leave the learn/dvlp in CF10 its really a wonderfull piece.

            Thanks for your time, saludos...

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              Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee



              Thank you for your reply. Please send an email to cfinstal@adobe.com referencing to this forum and we will contact you further.



              Anit Kumar

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                MaskedVII Level 1

                Thanks Anit_Kumar for your time and the guide, saludos.

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                  MaskedVII Level 1



                  Uninstall Cf 10

                  Rebuild registers data base in Win 7 system

                  Reinstall / update / config / run tests and prjs, all working


                  I want to thank to Anit Kumar for their time


                  Happy encode with Cf