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    Can't see slice guides - Fwks CS3

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      So.... who was the brainiac that thougt in Fireworks CS3 that "Hey, lets make the slice guides so they appear under the standard guides (instead of over like previous versions) so you can't see them unless you must turn Guides off.... afterall, who slices along guides anyway".

      If anyone knows how to change the visibility order of the guides, it'd be good to know..... staying with older Fireworks I'm affraid.... pain in the butt not beeing able to see slices.
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          The same brains behind the engineers who provided the View > Slice Guides toggle feature. :)

          Simply select it to turn it off Slice Guides and just use regular Guides if you wish or vice versa.

          Or if your slice guides default colors are not up your ally - go View > Guides > Edit Guides and you have the options of changing the colors, but not the order.

          Use Command/Ctrl + H key to Hide Slice Edges as well.