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    Poor multi-camera performance in Premiere Pro CS6


      I've been trying to edit my camera footage using multi-camera window and the playback is extremely choppy and slow in the viewer, so I pretty much cannot use it. Any ideas? Are there certain settings I can tweak?


      I did a search and it seems like the CPU/GPU would be the bottlenecks but I believe my machine is pretty good: i7 2700k with SATA III SSD, GTX 480 and 16GB of RAM.


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          What driver are you on for your GTX 480?


          I'm aware of a number of things that have been reported as causing choppy playback

          • Playback Resolution and Paused Resolution being set to full. If that's the case, try  dialing back to 1/2 or even 1/4.
          • A high number of layers. How many are in your multicam sequence? Also, do you have any cases of a sequence containing a nested sequence that in turn contains a nested sequence?
          • The type of video--some are more resource intensive to decode than othters. What kind are you working with (codec and wrapper)?
          • Using multiple graphics cards
          • Effects. Which ones are you using, if any?
          • A slow hard drive, or using an external without a fast enough interface. (from the info you provided, that doesn't sound like a likely culprit)


          It might be worth downloading the trial of Premiere Pro CC to see if performance is better in the new version. I'm not trying to sell you on subscribing to Creative Cloud. It would just be good to know if you find better performance in CC.

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            web_design_guy Level 1



            Thank you for your reply. My playback resolution is set to 1/8 and I rendered the workspace, so the actual clip plays ok there. The issue is with the multi-camera window. The playback is horrible. That's the window with multi-cam view. I think this may be because the playback resolution is always full in that window. I don't believe I can set a different scale there. Also, the clips are 2.7k resolution, so maybe that's the issue. If the system is trying to play two 2.7k clips simultaneously, I may need better hardware. Do you know if that's the case?


            Just to answer your questions: I don't have any effects at all. I haven't even gotten to that. There are two video clips, 2.7k mp4 H264 GoPro source files. I have one GTX 480 video card. My SSD drive is probably one of the fastest. I really would like to stick with Premiere Pro CS6 at this point.


            I probably should reduce the resolution of the two video clips down to 1080p and see if that makes a difference. What do you think?



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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Performance isn't my strong suit and I have limited experience with source content >1920x1080, so I'll defer to others around here on whether your computer has the horsepower to handle multiple tracks of 2.7k video.

              You didn't report the driver version. I ask because numerous customers have reported problems with the 320.xx drivers. 

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                web_design_guy Level 1

                Ok, so I figured this out. My hardware cannot handle two 2.7k clips in multicam view. Ideally, the system should scale them down just like it does with video preview. I had to reduce the resolution of both files to 1080 and they work fine that way.