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    Gamma shift

    dkaplowitz Level 1

      hello -

      I'm wondering the best way to deal with the gamma shift problem in Premiere (Mac). Clips appear differently delending on where you're viewing them, for example in the Program viewer colours are more saturated then when you open up the title window with the clip preview underneath. Likewise if I match frame and open a clip in the Source viewer, the colours are more muted than the identical clip in the Program window. If I export h264 and upload to YouTube, I get the more muted colours but if I upload the same file to vimeo, I get the more saturated version. I know this is a QuickTime problem but I'm wondering why Premiere shows identical footage in different ways and also wondering if anyone has solved this problem? Any advice will be appreciated!




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Any advice will be appreciated!


          Forget what it looks like in Premiere Pro.  As you've seen, those monitors are not reliable for the task.


          You must get the signal off the computer and onto a properly calibrated TV.  Only then will you be sure you're seeing the signal accurately, only then will you be able to judge the colors.

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            jamesp2 Level 1

            It's unfortunate, but different players appear to interpret the same footage differently.  Even if you knew how the viewer's computer monitor was calibrated, you still couldn't predict how the footage will look, if the viewer has a choice of players.


            Other than correcting material on a properly calibrated HDTV, and ensuring that everyone who watches it also has an accurately calibrated HDTV, there's no way to get uniformity or predictability.  Don't despair, however:  makers of $100 million movies have exactly the same problem.  How many consumers of Hollywood DVDs and blurays have accurately calibrated TVs?