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    Paragraph style that starts at full textframe width


      Dear all,


      The issue I have, is that I need a paragraph style which always lines up under any previous image or text frame, as if it places itself where it finds the maximum available textframe width.

      The title of the second chapter should begin under the image inserted in the previous chapter.

      It works when I anchor an image of 1 pt with position "run into paragraph", see image below:


      Issues with the heading and images_2013-07-18_10-00-55.png


      I know that another method is to place the whole bodytext and image in an table, but that is another patch-up.



      I currently use:

      - Adobe FrameMaker 11

      - Adobe CS6

      - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (Dutch)



      Hopefully anybody knows how to solve this issue.


      Kind regards,