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    stop Adobe CC transistions adding to head and tail of clips?

    Lumi Tine Level 1

      Hi All,

      Really like the  Adobe CC upgrades. One thing I'm not digging is how hitting the add  transition shortcut key adds a transition to the beginning and ending of  both selected clips.


      In cs6, you highlight two clips and hit the transition shortcut and  it'll add a video and audio transition where the two clips meet.


      Now  doing that same action adds a transistion to the video and audio of the  head and tail of both clips. Meaning it adds 3 transitions when it used  to just add one transition where the clips meet.


      Now  I end up having to delete the head and tail transitions to keep using  the keyboard shortcut to add a transition only where the clips meet. Is  there a setting somewhere to adjust how the add transition button  behaves?