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    Unable to download from Google Books to ADE


      I have used ADE version 1.7.2 for a while and have never had problems downloading books from several sources until recently after I found Google books.

      When i bought a book from them it downloaded to the reader in Google ok.

      There is an area on the book face shown by three vertical squares and if one hovers over that and clicks, it downloads a epub file with a .ascm suffix.

      When I do this it pulls up the ADE file but then goes no further.

      When i access the library in ADE it does not show the new file and then if i click the "add to library" i get taken to downloads where the file should be.

      What seems to be there is a 1kb address but clicking that does nothing.

      I have tried uninstalling ADE, upgraded to ADE 2.0 and reverted to 1.7.2, checked all the file association are correct, shouted at the computer and Google and now I am at a loss.

      My ultimate aim is to move the files onto my Nook and to do that one has to go through ADE

      Please does anyone have any idea what I might try next.