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    Request forms, fulfillment, and automated outbound feedback form


      Is there a way to "close" a response or mark a response as fullfilled and automate a form to be sent when it is closed, or a certain amount of days after it is "closed/fullfilled"? ie. an IT support form is filled out, maybe not urgent, the request is fuliflled, then a feedback response form is sent out like 7 days later to follow up on the incident.

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Sorry it is not possible to automatically have FormsCentral send emails like described in this post.


          You can 'mark' the data by adding a new column in the View Responses table and use this column to specify the state of each response. You can add a column by clicking on the plus button between two column header cells.


          You can then manually email all the rows marked as 'fulfilled' and then change the new state column again so you know emails have been sent to these people. You can even use filtering to not see those rows anymore.


          I'm assuming that you still want the actual form to be opened and juste 'close' issues (rows in your table) when they have been addressed.


          Hope this helps