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    How do I get my completed movie back?


      I finished my five-minute movie (eight clips, two drawings) yesterday. It's cut just the way I want it with opening and closing titles and a simple transition between clips. This morning I was going to send it to YouTube but the movie has disappeared from PrE11. When I clicked on File/Open Recent Project/syf14a, there was nothing in the Timeline - absolutely empty. The unedited version is in the Elements Organizer, so I can edit that again. But what happened to the version that I spent hours editing? How can I get it back?

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          nealeh Level 5
          • When you clicked on syf14a did it exist or could it not just find it?
          • Did you save the project to a removable disk or flash card? If so maybe something has changed the drive letter for that disk or card.
          • Have you performed a search of your drives for syf14a? Even if the original has somehow been corrupted there should still be previous versions in the Premiere Elements Auto-save folder. Personally I don't use Windows Search, but prefer the free search utility 'Everything'.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It also sounds like you didn't output your finished video.


            When you edit video in Premiere Elements, you aren't changing your original file. That's not now video editing works.


            Open your project file (assuming you saved it) and your edited video should be on the timeline. Use Publish & Share to output your finished piece.


            Which Publish & Share option you use depends, of course, on how you're going to use your finished video: To create a DVD or BluRay; to post online to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo; to use in another project, etc.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I have something that I would like to try.


              Open Premiere Elements, go to File Menu and then "Open Project", not "Open Recent Project".


              When you do, you will see the Open Project dialog whose items include project.prel file(s)...files with purple icon...do not open any of the folders there.


              Look for a project.prel with the name of "My new video project 1.prel" and check out the Date Modified to see if it looks like something that you did yesterday.

              Nonetheless, open it anyway to check it out. If there are other project.prel files with names like "My new video project 2.prel" and so on, check them all out also.


              When you wrote

              The unedited version is in the Elements Organizer

              That suggests to me that this project had its origins in the Elements Organizer/Create/Slideshow and that you used the Edit With Premiere Elements Editor to get it into Premiere Elements 11 where it would have been given a name such as "My new video project (1, 2, or 3 etc)" instead of the name "syf14a" that you might have given it in Elements Organizer.


              I may be off the track on this one, but worth a consideration.


              Looking forward to your results.





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                Tommyvincent Level 1

                Thanks for you help. I got my movie back but now I need more help with uploading it to YouTube. I'll start a new thread for this.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks. Great news.


                  Where did you find it?


                  I will meet you over in your new thread to see what you can do about the upload to YouTube from within Premiere Elements.