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    Photoshop Premiere Elements 8

    Smart Lou

      I created a slideshow in Elements attached audio and sent it to Premiere to burn a DVD. The slideshow FILENAME appears in Premiere. When I retrive it it show-up ok except it does not appear in the main work area. I'v tried to burn a DVD a number of times . It takes approximately two hours for the burn process. When finished, I attempt to play it in my CD/DVD player and a message comes up "Bad Disc". Am I doing something wrong? Can someone provide a detail procedure for doing this?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is the Premiere PRO forum... it appears you need the Premiere ELEMENTS forum



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              Smart Lou


              When you create your slideshow in Photoshop Elements 8 Slideshow Editor, what are you selecting as the Output? It sounds like "Burn to Disc".


              If you do that, you need to select

              Type of File

              Movie File (wmv)


              PDF File (.pdf)



              File Setting

              DVD-NTSC (720 x 480)


              DVD-PAL (720 x 576)


              The .wmv version of your slideshow is written, and, when that is completed, the slideshow will open automatically in Premiere Elements DISC MENU section because of the "Burn to Disc" choice that you made in Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor. That does not mean that you cannot click back to the Edit area.


              The suggested route would be:

              Photoshop Elementgs Slideshow Editor/Output = Send to Premiere Elements

              where the slideshow opens ready for edit, not application of disc menus as the first order of business.

              This is a non wmv version of the slideshow. It has the file extension of psess.

              Your main advantage in this route is that if necessary you can right click the slideshow on the Timeline and select Break Apart Adobe Photoshop Elements Slideshow so that you can do significant further edits of the slideshow prior to export or burn to.


              As for bad disc. What brand and type of DVD disc are you using? Does your player support that type of disc? You must have a disc that the player supports as well as a supported format on that support disc. Could be a bad disc in the batch of discs that you have or a disc type/brand that is not compatible with your burner or the program.


              Please review and then we can decide what next.