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    Scale-to-fit with sticky menu

    Yuval Sach

      Hey everybody,


      I have used Sara's scale-to-fit code, works perfectly.

      There are two things though that I just can't get around.


      I have created a sticky menu, that sticks to the top after a certain amount of scrolling.

      using, $("body").append(sym.$('Menu')) and position:fixed, top:0px and all that.


      This works great too, until I resize my window.  It doesn't go along with the scaling of the stage, stays in it's original size.

      I'm gussing the append is what is causing this.

      Tried adding some css to control the menu's size on the scroll function, but that doesn't seem to work either.


      Besides that, the code that is supposed to scale the height of the stage,

      parent.height(stageHeight * rescale);


      only seems to be working on Chrome. On Firefox and ItE, when I resize my window, the stage's height remains in it's original, creaing a very long empty scroll on the end of the page.


      Any suggestions?


      Hope that made sense,

      Thank you thank thank you!