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    Discuss/clarify copy protection in Encore cs6 please

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      i read the following:





      the goal of the project at hand is to create a still photo dvd of wedding HD footage and slap on copy protection from encore; give the bride this free copy

      and if the she wants to order more than pay for them...


      1) can anyone supply names of replicating houses that do 1-5 copies of dvds with copy protection please?

      (i haven't yahooed it yet, i'm looking for companies that users have used with good results please)




      2) concern:  is encore's copy protection system breakable with programs like 'dvd decrypter'?



      3) is there any way encore can copy protect blu ray discs projects?



      thanks in advance, j


      i am the editor and am taking orders from the client about how he wants to present/market his wedding images as still pic dvd discs for future clients