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    Batch processing actions in layers

    amebade05 Level 1

      I've got to submit about 130 images in JPG form to the media department by 1 o'clock today EST.


      Basically, this is my setup up in PS CS5. I have a simple graphic (a black decorative border) in its own layer. Below this, I have a mask so that the images below it can peek through the decorative border. The sample below only has 1 image, but in my actual document there are about 130 layers under this mask, each with a different image.


      I have to export every single image as a JPG. Not all the images are the same size so I have to turn off all layers, and leave only the layer being exported visible everytime.


      Is there anyway I can batch this? I don't see how can PS turn on/off layers automatically as it exports.


      Or how could I have done this differently for future reference?



      Below is the sample of my setup:


      (Sample, not actual)



      Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 10.29.20 AM.png

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          amebade05 Level 1

          Anyone?!! I really need help. I tried running the Scripts > Export Layers to File, but this exports everything as individual JPG's. It does not include the graphics. I essentially have every layer turned on that I want visible. I am turning image layers on and off as I export. This is tedious!

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