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    White blip onclick




      I have the following code on a click event


      window.open("intro.html", "_self");


      when the page loads there's a white blip that happens


      I have both of my background edge files set to black but that doesn't solve the problem


      Both edge files are set to 100% Min W 1024 Max W 1200 Once the browser goes beyond 1200, i can see white


      i could set up an animatoin with a white background before window.open but i'd like to understand where the white blip originates/background originates





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          I see now it's an older question, but I answer it anyway

          If I get you right you mean the page 'flashes' a white frame from your edge animation into the 'intro.html'-page? If that's the case I'm sorry, there's nothing you can do about it the way you set things up, 'cause that's a browser thing: when the intro.html page is loading it's not there in 0 seconds, so during loading there's a white page visible. The faster the loading, the shorter that period. It also depends on the browser you're using.

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            zontaluma Level 1

            Thanks for the reply


            I actually figured a way around the issue


            I simply created an animation that fades from black to white on the main page


            I created a trigger at the end of the animation with the following code


            window.open("nameOfPage.html", "_self"); 


            Inside of the newly loaded nameOfPage.html i started full white then faded to black


            now when the page does that funky blip thing it happens in the url string and not the page


            everything runs smoothly


            thanks for your reply