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    how to add a skinpart to an inline component?



      i was try to create a simple skinable component,and in its skin,i add create an inline component

      skin mxml code like this


      <!--define an inline component -->
          <fx:Component className="RedRect">
        <s:Rect width="12" height="12" x="-6" y="-6" >
        <s:SolidColorStroke color="0xff0000" />
      <!--use that inline component -->
      <local:RedRect id="myRedRect"  />


      but i've no idea how to define the component "myRedRect" in my skinable component as file



      public var myRedRect:IFactory


      can't work...


      can someone give a clear anwser plz?


      PS:if i can't use incline component,finally,i have to define a new component outside,i really don't wanna add more mxml files