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    RED Raw color correction with "curves"


      Hi there,


      i was wondering, if, when i am color correcting RED Raw files with the effect "curves" (for example) am I working with the full dynamic range of the RAW footage?

      Is the range different, if I work in the RAW-Ediotr that i reach through the "interpret footage" dialogue box?


      We are trying optimize the workflow for a certain project and would rather use effects on the footage layers, rather than interpret them (yeah, we´re really lazy).


      Thanks a mill,



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Yes, you are working with the full range from the .r3d files when applying effects in After Effects. In fact, you have more problems with colors clipping if you manipulate things like exposure in the RED settings than if you manipulate them in After Effects with effects (though that is better now than it used to be).


          You should work with your project in 32-bpc color to make sure that you're preserving color information all the way through the pipeline.