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    Problem saving FrameMaker files

    Becky Swanson

      I have recently installed FrameMaker 11 (v11.0.0.380) and have created a book with several files and a TOC. I am working on a network (I've tried both wired and wireless connections) and have the same problem: When I try to save a file, most of the time I get an error message that FM cannot save the file to the disk. It lists the file name, but adds a 3-character file exension after ".fm" at the end of the file name. Each time I try to save, the file extra file extension changes somewhat randomly. I can do a "save as" and save to my laptop's hard drive (most of the time) and, very occasionally, I can actually save the file to the network drive if I work in another application and come back to FM and *immediately* try to save a file.


      I am using Windows Professional with Service Pack 1 on a Dell laptop.

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          Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

          I'm assuming you're using simple files, and not storing the FM files in a CMS.


          > It lists the file name, but adds a 3-character file exension after ".fm" at the end of the file name.


          The way Frame save appears to work is:

          1. Create and write docname.fm.tmp, and only when successfully written ...
          2. Delete docname.backup
          3. Rename docname.fm to docname.backup
          4. Rename docname.fm.tmp to docname.fm


          This is cautious practice. Consider what might happen if it really re-wrote docname.fm in-place, and failed partway through.


          Due to creating the temp file, the only obvious scenario that leads to this result is insufficient free space on the logical drive. That's pretty unlikely.


          A less likely scenario is that you have write permissions on the files, but not on the directory, so the create-docname.fm.tmp fails.


          So this does not a first glance look like an FM problem. It looks like a network FS problem, usually Windows Server. I blame Bill Gates. Get I.T. involved.

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