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    Why do my images disappear when I place them?


      Hi, I can't place multiple images in sequence as per the design a brochure beginners tutorial, as every time I try to place an image over the other, the underlying image disappears and I end up with blank pages. Also what is that target symbol sitting in the middle of the image box? Thanks guys.

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          Michelle Yaiser Adobe Employee

          Frames in InDesign can contain only one image at a time. From what you wrote above, I think you are replacing the image each time you click in the selected frame.


          To place multiple images they should:

          1. CLICK and DRAG out a new frame for each image in the place gun queue
          2. CLICK in different part of the document to place the images in the queue at full image size


          As to the question about the target in the middle of the image box: This is the "Content Grabber". Its a control that allows you to easily select and manipulate the content within an image frame without the need to select the frame first, double click, then act on the content.


          Hope this helps.