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    My after effects keeps crashing when i add effects i think it is due to disk cach?? help!


      My after effects cs6 keeps crashing when i add effects but it is random.. for example i might add 3 adj layers with effects on each .. different effects then randomly when i add say turbulent displace a window will pop up saying after effects has crashed due to... [ turbulent displace ]! also when i start up after effects it says there is not enough disk cach even though my disk cach is empty and i allow over 300 gb for it!


      please help! mabey i need to configure after effects more or something but any advise with be greatly appreciated.



      processor: AMD FX(tm)- 6120 six core processor     3.50 GHz

      Insatlled memory (RAM) 10 Gb

      system type: 64 bit

      hp envy!

      windows 8


      i dont use any major programs while running after effects cs6  and i give it maximum piority for usage!


      only programs used while after effects is running:


      youtube (mabey)

      pandora (mabey)