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    CF 9.0.1 updates folder contains chf9010001.jar and hf901-00010.jar

    rodsoh Level 1



      I just inherited a CF 9.0.1 server running on Windows Server 2003.


      One of the applications is getting a HTTP 500 error when a page with a lot of form fields is being submitted, so I wanted to install HotFix APSB12-06 which allows to enter a number for the postParameters Limit variable which I'm hoping will resolve this issue.


      When I went to check to see what updates were installed on the server, I see these 2 files there.  I beleive hf901-00010.jar is for a CF Admin security issue.


      Would this patch have allow me to add the postParametersLimit to the neo-runtime.xml file or do I still need to install the above patch?

      Also, how is it possible that there are 2 jar files in the updates folder?  I thought only 1 jar file is supposed to be there?  The tech notes on htofix installs always mention to remove the previous jar files.


      Or should I just install cumulative hotfix 4 for CF 9.0.1?


      I'd like to do this update in about 5 hours from now, so if I can get any quuick responses that would be greatly appreciated.