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    Continue Button Missing on Quiz




      I have a quiz set-up using Presenter and I can't get the "Continue" button to appear once the user is finished with their quiz. I can see it in the actual presentation, but once it's published to the Connect server it disappears. I've tested it where the student needs to review the quiz then retake it (I added a retake button), and no "Continue". I've also tested it where the student gets 100% on the first try, and still no "Continue" button. What am I doing wrong?


      Link to Quiz


      (Answers are E, OPR2 with 406080 & AGY8 with 203290 & OSA4 with 410010), and True)


      Quiz Settings

      Pass required (although I'd be fine with required or answer all)

      Allow user to review quiz

      Show score at end of quiz


      Pass or Fail Options

      100% required to pass

      If passing, go to next slide (although I've also tested sending to a specific slide with no success)

      If failing, infinite attempts


      Presenter Version 8 Build 227

      PowerPoint 2010 Version 14.0.6129.5000

      Connect Version 8

      Windows 7

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The three questions are setup as survey questions. Change them to graded questions and see if that makes a difference. There needs to be a score for Connect to identify correct vs. incorrect answers. As it stands, you don't have any correct answers available, as Connect sees it, because survey questions don't have correct or incorrect answers.


          If the questions were graded, there would be a green check or red X next to the questions as you get them right or wrong. The orange dash indicated that this is a survey question.

          survey question indication.JPG

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            kas200 Level 1

            Hi Jorma-


            I see the questions as graded.



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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Odd, I would remove and re-create the questions. Make sure that the questions are created as graded, and never changed to survey.


              I would personally also change the quiz setting to Answer all, but I'm not sure if that will make a difference for this issue.