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    FW CS3 Could not render the database

    ikoniqoz Level 1
      Hi all.
      Anyone come across this one? I keep getting an error message in FW CS3.
      "Could not render the database, Not enough memory".
      Now, when this started I had a number of apps running so I closed them all down except for FW and the problem remained. So, next I re-booted and have only FW CS3 running and when I open up the .png file to edit it I still get this error. I have never seen this with FW 8 however I have run into similar problems when running PS CS3/Bridge.
      My system is a P4 duo core jigger with 2GB RAM and plenty of spare space on the HDDs. I have my Paging file set to a min of 3GB and a max of 4GB across two partitions.