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    Sending completed pdf form via email


      We want clients to fill out a pdf form on our web site then submit it which would then send the completed pdf form as it was designed to us via email. We want to print out the completed pdf form which is a legal size for our records.  Is this possible using Adobe central?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          FormsCentral doesn't current send the the data via email to the form author. Instead it submits the data directly to FormsCentral. You can receive an email notification (paid account only) when people submit data. The email notification can contain the data but not in a PDF format (more in a name/value pair format).


          Once you receive the data, you can go to the response table in FormsCentral and Download the response PDF Form (paid account). This will give you the PDF form with the data in it. This form will look very similar to the form filled by your clients.


          There is a Page View in FormsCentral (Design Tab : View > Page View menu) which shows you what the PDF will look like. You can also change the page dimension in the Form Setup dialog (Design Tab : File > Form Setup menu) to use Legal paper dimension.


          If what you need is really receive the filled out PDF via email and manage your own data then you can still design the form in FormsCentral with the right paper size, export the PDF Form without a submit button and then use Acrobat to add your own submit button.


          Hope this helps