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    What happened to my CUDA? (MacOSX 10.8.4)


      Hi I am running Premiere CS 6 on a Hack Pro OSX 10.8.4 with a GTX 670. Up until this afternoon I've had perfect support for Mercury Playback Engine. I left the desk for a couple of hours when I returned there was suddenly a short power outage for about 3 minutes and when the juice came back and I reopened my project my project crashed with the "premiere will try to save project" message. I reopened and restored the project, but it said CUDA is not available on my system... Tried to change it manually,but the option is grayed out, Went to previous saves- same ,tried in a new project-same... updated creative cloud, looked for premiere update even restored time machine backup..No Luck

      My CUDA drivers are up to date and My GTX 670 is still in the list of supported cards. What's going on??