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    Mac InDesign CS6 crashes when adding files with links to Windows network into book

    Jeff Syrop

      Our Mac network is unstable, so I tested linking InDesign CS6 files (on my Mac's hard drive) to .jpg files on our company's very stable Windows network rather to the same .jpg files on our Mac network. I tested with 4 simple, small InDesign files. When these 4 files were linked to images on a storage drive on our Mac network, I could drag all 4 files into a book and export the book to PDF. But when linked to the same images on the Windows network, while each file would open fine with no errors, and while I could generate a PDF from each individual file, the moment I dragged the 4 files into a book, InDesign crashed, generating pages of information in the crash report form.


      I have no problem making 500 page manuals on my hard drive, comprised of about 50 InDesign files, with links to THOUSANDS of image files on a storage drive on our Mac network. Is there some trick to making a book with files linked to images on a Windows network? If there is no simple answer, who could I call to set us up so this will work?


      I'm using InDesign CS6 for Mac, totally updated, version 8.0.1.


      Thank you so much!!!