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    Edge :: Jquery Transformation / css3 3D

    Departure Level 1

      How can I use "Jquery Transformation" or "CSS3 3D" inside Edge-Animate coding environment?


      Examples of what i m looking for:




      So far the only way i know to apply transform is to animate css attributes as highlighted on Css panel (left side),

      Ex:This is the only way i know to scale something :


      symbol.$("ball").css({transform: 'scale(' + 1.2 + ')'})

      symbol.$("ball").css({'-moz-transform': 'scale(' + 1.2 + ')','-webkit-transform': 'scale(' + 1.2+ ')'});


      Imagine i want to create effects such as Flipping a Card or some 3d stuff that requires skew and 3d rotation.

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          robboerman Level 4

          hi try this.


          sym.$("Ball").css({"transform" : "rotateY(180deg)",

          "-webkit-transform" : "rotateY(180deg)", "background" : "#0000FF",

          "-webkit-transition" : "all 0.5s ease" });


          that should rotate it like a card and change the background, you can put it on click or mouseover or anything

          i hope this solved your problem

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