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    CS5.5 AnchoredObjectSettings not working like it did under CS2


      I have a script that ran fine with CS2 but doesn't work with CS5.5, I get the error anchoredObjectSettings are not found on type Object. Do I now somehow define the object as an anchored object?



      This is the code that worked under CS2:


      MyObject = myFoundTag.Place(myPath & myFileName)


      MyObject.anchoredObjectSettings.anchoredPosition = idAnchorPosition.idAnchored
      MyObject.anchoredObjectSettings.AnchorXoffset = myXOffset
      MyObject.anchoredObjectSettings.AnchorYoffset = myYOffset
      MyObject.anchoredObjectSettings.anchorPoint = idAnchorPoint.idTopLeftAnchor
      MyObject.anchoredObjectSettings.horizontalReferencePoint = idAnchoredRelativeTo.idColumnEdge