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    I'm having trouble..


      Hi guys I'm new to this forum and well, I'm posting this cuz I'm having trouble with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

      I just downloaded the 30-day trial of this program, as I had the CS5.1 and found myself with this problem..


      After I import the videos to the program, and I try to drag a video or a group of them to the timeline, it just doesn't let me do it, when dragging it, a hand with a blocked sign appears, I already went trhough the settings and can't figure out why is this happening. It seems like something is blocking the timeline.


      I use to edit my videos with the CS5.1, and had no trouble with this, it would let me drag the videos freely and everything I needed to do but this just doesn't seem to happen with this version.


      Does any of you guys know why is this happening ?


      Thank you!!