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    CC Snowfall is rotating with another layer.


      Hey guys I seem to be hitting every 'bug' that After Effects has so I'm hoping that this is simple fix and I'm just not seeing it.


      I'm using The CC Snowfall effect in After Effects in a project that I'm doing. The project is a cartoon animation and for some reason when I rotate (lean) the character back and forth the snow layer goes with it. I have the CC Snow effects applied to an adjustment layer and that is the only effect applied to that layer. I copied that layer and adjusted the CC Snowfall settings to have a foreground, midground, and background snowfall to add depth. for some reason however when I rotate my character it you also see the snow layer jet forward and backwards and it looks very unatural. I tried parenting the Adjustment layer that the CC Snowfall effect is applied to a blank NULL object and that didn't do anything. further more the adjustment layers were never parented to any other layer


      (one note: I have an expression where the opacity to these adjustment layers is parented with an "opacity controll, null layer" but I don't see how that would matter, the opacity controll is parented to nothing)


      I would really love some help with this.


      Thanks a lot guys.