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    Recording sound in PPT using Presenter

      A faculty member at my University is creating his modules in PPT using Adobe Presenter. He has put builds into his PPT slides, but when he records the audio there are two problems he experiences...

      1. the slide doesn't show any text at all except the header
      2. or all of the text is on the screen

      In either case the builds are not there.

      Has anybody experienced this or has found a solution? Any ideas would be very helpful.

      Thank You
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          Just curious....after your collegue has added audio to the presentation, did he/she go back and adjust the timings of the anims? Most often what will happen is that all the animated elements will get pushed to the end of the audio; if you go into the Audio Editor, what you might find is that there will be a few blue colored markers all bunched up together at the very end of the audio for a given slide. The solution to that problem is to either go into Synchronized Timings to adjust when the animations are supposed to appear, or you could drag each of the blue markers in the Audio Editor to have the animations appear where/when you want them to.

          Regarding item #2, I'm not really sure why all of your text would be just sitting there, but I'd check the Audio Editor for that as well: take a look at where the animation markers are sitting within the Audio Editor's timeline. I'd suspect, however, that if no markers are present, that perhaps the animations for the text builds either weren't set properly or were killed off somehow.

          Hope that helps,

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            amm Level 1
            Thank you Rob.... This information is really useful. I'll look into it and see. I'm guessing it is better to record all the audio, then but the builds in?

            We'll check into it. I appreciate the reply.
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              robva65 Level 2
              Hi Anne,

              No problem.

              As far as importing/recording the audio and doing the builds afterwards, it really depends on how you choose to do it. Bottom line: it really doesn't matter.

              What I typically do (when working with content authors) is set up the builds anyway; oftentimes I don't have audio to work with until those files are provided later on in the project, and by establishing the builds, the SMEs or content authors can have a sense of how the anims will work. So we set 'em all up, and run the deck in show mode so they get a sense of how it'll work.

              Then once the audio is available (most of our clients insist on professional narrators), its imported and then we synch the timings.

              So again, you can approach this anyway that is most convenient/comfortable to you and your team.